About Stephan:

Stephan was born in St-Gallen, Switzerland. In kindergarten he had his mouth washed with soap on a regular basis and grew up to become an anarchist, a hippie, and a camel tamer in India.  After the camel tamer (ok... camel trainer) stint he taught art, handycraft and sports in secondary school in Switzerland. He now makes his home in Enderby, British Columbia and spends a lot of time in his shop tinkering with bones and found objects. Stephan also works with muliple theatre groups across British Columbia and in Europe as a lighting designer.

Artist Statement



Professional Experience
Artistic Experience


2011 Performing Art Centre , Vernon BC (with Aspha Naira Gallery)
2011 Film with Dancer Sculptures for CD release „The Barr Brothers“, Montreal

Pinz Gallery, Salmon Arm, BC ,         

2010 Armstrong Spallumcheen Art Gallery
2009  Gallery Vertigo , Vernon, BC, Canada
2008 Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, BC, Canada
  Aspha Naira Gallery, Vernon, BC , Canada
2007   International Art Fair Toronto, ON, Canada , with Headbones  Gallery
  Aspha Naira Gallery, Vernon, BC , Canada
  Fugitive Gallery, Vernon, BC, Canada
2006 Headbones Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
2005 Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada


Professional Experience

2003 - current

Light design for theatres in Canada:

  • Electric Company Theatre, Vancouver
  • Caravan Farm Theatre , Armstrong B.C.
  • Leaky Heaven Circus , Vancouver B.C.
  • Runaway Moon Theatre , Enderby, B.C.
  • Wishbone Theatre , Dunster, ALB.


Technical director of the “Junges Theater” Basel

Light and set design in more than 40 plays

1991 - current                 

Design and construction of the “Pandamobile” for the Swiss   WWF, a moving hands-on exhibition for schools:

  • "Aquamarinus": undersea life (1991}
  • "Sous le sol": life in the subsurface (1994)
  • "Wolf": re-integration of wolves in Switzerland (1997)
  • "Regenwald": rainforest (2001)
  • "Arktis": changes in climate (2004)
  • "Water": a challange for mankind (2006)
  • “The Swiss Alps”: highland in trouble (2008)


Freelance work for theatres in Switzerland as a set and props designer.


Teaching, (Art & Technical Drawing) , Sekundarschule Basel; Switzerland

Artistic  Experience

2004 - current                      

Sculptures combining bones, metal and light

1982 - 1988             

Comission, Basel Canvas-Streetlamp-Paintings, Basel, Switzerland

1974 - 1979            

Cartoons and Comix, Exhibitions, Weekly Magazin Prints,  Comissions. Switzerland

1977 - current           

Short animated cartoons
Design and construction of playground items, board games,   puppets and toys.
Paintings (including airbrush) and drawings on paper, canvas, fabric and blackboard
Sculptures and functional objects(stone, soapstone, wood,  metal, mixed materials)

1970 - current   

Cartoon Drawings